Round 1 of XRS Slovenia

Aus aller Welt in Englisch: The Round 1 of XRS Slovenia took place at the beautiful facility in Medeuzza (Italy) on the Genius Ring.

There was a big interest for the race since racing with hand-out motors is something stock drivers really like, so all the places at the tables were full. The XRS motors and HUDY tires performed flawlessly during Saturday’s practice and Sunday’s race.

2016_11_18_xrs_slovakia_0002 2016_11_18_xrs_slovakia_0003 2016_11_18_xrs_slovakia_00042016_11_18_xrs_slovakia_00012016_11_18_xrs_slovakia_00052016_11_18_xrs_slovakia_0007

Saturday it was a practice day where most of drivers could get in touch for the first time with the XRS motors and HUDY tires. In the evening there was the XRAY evening party and later the workshop, where XRAY Factory team driver Tom Krägefski and Alojzij Osvald with more XRAY/TopRC team drivers discussed regarding set-ups for the race.

Sunday has started with 1 heat of controlled practice needed for driver re-seeding.


Then the qualification started and in F1 it was Brian Ferrara who took TQ after 3 heats.
In Pan-car it was Alojzij Osvald (XRAY X12) in front of the newly signed XRAY/TopRC driver Nejc Mihelič (XRAY X12).

As we expected the Touring Stock class was to be the most exciting one with the most drivers present…so we had also the D final.
TQ went to Bernard-Alain Arnaldi (XRAY T4) in front of the fast young Andrea Ghilotti (XRAY T4).

After the lunch the finals started and in F1 it was Brian Ferrara that started from TQ who took the win after 3 rounds on finals.

1. Brian Ferrara
2. Luca Conte
3. Daniele Conte
4. Mattia Collavo
5. Marvin Aguilar (XRAY X1)
6. Luciano Bordin (XRAY X1)
7. Luca Rescali
8. Mirco Bordin (XRAY X1)
9. Stefano Sinolopi (XRAY X1)
10. Joshua Milanese


F1 “B” finals winner was Matevž Homar (XRAY X1), second place went to Sašo Kramljak (XRAY X1) and third was Robert Simčič (XRAY X1).2016_11_18_xrs_slovakia_f1-b-podium_add

In the 1/12 Pan-car it was Nejc Mihelič winning all 3 finals, second place went to Goran Vignjevič and third was Alojzij Osvald with some technical problems in the finals.

1. Nejc Mihelič (XRAY X12)
2. Vignjevič Goran (XRAY X12)
3. Alojzij Osvald (XRAY X12)
4. Stefan Hois
5. Denis Fink (XRAY X12)
6. Školaris Luka (XRAY X12)
7. Domen Lipnik
8. Lorenzo Milanese2016_11_18_xrs_slovakia_pancar-podium_add

The exciting Touring class was announced to be a battle…and a battle it was, many times also near or over the limit, but the field was so close and the track layout was difficult to allow to pass. In the first round Arnaldi managed the win by just 0,5s over Ghilotti…and in the second was the same story. Ghilotti was unable to find a space to make a clear pass. Third place was battled between Repetti and Tom. At the end Tom secured the last place on the podium.

1. Bernard-Alain Arnaldi (XRAY T4)
2. Andrea Ghilotti (XRAY T4)
3. Tom Krägefski (XRAY T4)
4. Edoardo Repetti (XRAY T4)
5. Umberto Pernice
6. Danice Ongaro
7. Jan Popič
8. Roberto Fabiano
9. Rok Rudl (XRAY T4)
10. Viktor Bolšec


The B final was won by Luca Giovannoni, second was Patrik Požgaj (XRAY T4) and third was Lukas Plattner (XRAY T4).
In the C final it was Gianmarco Franzolini taking the win in front of Lovro Šušteršič and Željko Selman (XRAY T4)

The D final winner was Kristjan Mikložič (XRAY T4), second was Danilo Luchicchi and third place went to Daniel Bosa (XRAY T4).

2016_11_18_xrs_slovakia_touring-b-podium_add 2016_11_18_xrs_slovakia_touring-c-podium_add

We would like to thank all the drivers who participated at the event and the Modeltek staff for the excellent prepared facility!

Round 2 will take place in Maribor (Slovenia) on 18th December. Soon the registration will open on

See you in Maribor!

Quelle:  Team Xray

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