AVIDRC – „goldene“ Radmuttern

Von AVIDRC gibt es neue Radmuttern M4 für die gängigsten 1/10 Fahrzeuge in goldener Optik. Diese sind mit 0,3 g pro Stück leicht und durch die Riffelung an der Auflagefläche sitzt die Felge sicher auf der Radachse.  Mit einem normalen 7 mm lässt sich diese montieren.

Englische Version

Triad M4 Light Weight Wheel Nuts | Gold

The Avid Gold Triad M4 Light Weight Wheel Nuts are anodized with a unique process that makes them reflective to resemble gold plating. The unique Triad design utilizes only three corners of the nut instead of 6 to give the nut its lighter weight, possibly making them the lightest wheel nuts on the market at 0.3g/ea. But don’t think this takes away from the torque handling capabilities. With a quality wheel wrench you can crank these puppies down and the serrations will add the confidence you need for keeping them as you shred that PVC.

  1. Gold anodizing is a unique process that is reflective to resemble gold plating.
  2. Extremely light weight serrated wheel, coming in at 0.3g/ea.
  3. Unique Triad 3 cornered nut, uses common 7mm wheel wrenches.
  4. Serrated to ensure they stay on while you’re showing the pipe who’s the boss.
  5. Open nut which doesn’t extend past the tire like popular closed nuts.
  6. Fits all modern 10th scale vehicles in offroad and onroad, AE, TLR, HB, KYO, XRAY)
  7. Available colors: Gold, Black, Red, Blue, Pink, Green, Purple, Orange and Hard Anodized.
  8. Each package includes 4 wheel nuts and 1 AVID mini decal sheet.


Part Number Description Fits Price Available
AV1047-GLD Triad M4 Light Weight Wheel Nuts | Gold | 4pcs 10th $18.00 now

Bezugsquelle: Ruddog

Quelle: AVIDRC

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