XRS Germany Round 2 beim TSV-1871 Augsburg

Am 28./29.Januar war die XRS Round 2 zu Gast in Augsburg. Mehr über das Event gibt es in der englischen ausführlichen Version:The new XRS Series took place in Augsburg last weekend. 58 drivers travelled to Augsburg to attend at the race and being part of the XRAY Family.

At this race following classes were present:

Categorie 1: TW Modified

Categorie 2: TW Sport, with „0-boost“ controller + 13,5T XRS motor

Categorie 3: Formel 1

Categorie 4: 1:12
The club built a 400qm ETS Carpet racetrack, which is one of the biggest indoor tracks in Germany. We had high traction and some nice and fast chicanes, the pit area and driver stand was also very nice prepared.

The RC Car Shop Kleinkram attends also at the race so enough spare parts were available at the track. Every driver got a free XRAY shirt sponsored by XRAY/SMI/Kleinkram.

Everything together we had perfect conditions for a great weekend!

In the Formula 1 class we saw Alexander Stocker in front and Daniel Schober with his XRAY X1 in a strong second place.

In the 1:12 class the young German XRAY driver Antonio Theofilou took TQ and finished 2nd in the overall result behind Bernd Wiesenberger.

In the touring car Stock class Simon Lauter took the victory in front of Alexander Stocker.

In the Modified class we saw a complete XRAY Podium with Marco Kaufmann in front of Florian Fink and Steffen Paul.

Big thanks goes to TSV Augsburg for the perfect organization. 

  1. Alexander Stocker (Roche)
    2. Thomas Kuttner (Tamiya)
    3. Daniel Schober (XRAY X1)
    4. Thomas Hermann (XRAY X1)
    5. Christian Grenz (Sheperd)
    6. André Pichler (XRAY X1)
    7. Oliver Wäckerle (VBC)
    8. Andreas Ivo (Sheperd)
    9. Hilbert Schneider (XRAY X1)
    10. Wolfgang Schnalzger (XRAY X1)
  1. Marco Kaufmann (XRAY T4)
    2. Florian Fink (XRAY T4)
    3. Steffen Paul (XRAY T4)
    4. Folker Fink (XRAY T4)
  1. Simon Lauter (TAMIYA)
  2. Alexander Stocker (Awesomatix)
  3. Dominik Reile (TAMIYA)
  4. Stefan Weihmayr (XRAY T4)
  5. Christian Drießle (Awesomatix)
  6. Marco Egger (XRAY T4)
  7. Mirco Thalheimer (Serpent)
  8. Nobuhiro Kanabe (Awesomatix)
  9. Stephan Leiber (XRAY T4)
  10. Dominik Schmid (TAMIYA)
1:12 STOCK 10.5
  1. Bernd Wiesenberger (CRC)
  2. Antonio Theofilou (XRAY X12)
  3. Christian Drießle (Roche)
  4. Thomas Krause (XRAY X12)
  5. Patrick Bodendorfer (XRAY X12)
  6. Michael Holla (CRC)
  7. Hartmut Rose (XRAY X12)
  8. Mark Malzahn (XRAY X12)
  9. Alexander Seitter (XRAY X12)
  10. Joachim Graul (XRAY X12)

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