Steven Weiss zieht sich vom RC-Racing zurück

Nach 16 Jahren im RC-Car Sport und zahlreichen Erfolgen zieht sich Steven Weiss nun zurück. Nach einem tollen und erlebnisreichen Jahr bei HRC-Racing / Team Magic gab er dies in einem bewegenden Brief an Lionel Troyon – Team Manager bekannt. Wir wünschen ihm alles Gute für die Zukunft. Vielleicht sieht man Steven doch auf einem Rennen wieder.

HRC hat u.a. den Brief veröffentlicht. Mehr in der englischen Version .

Englische Version

Steven Weiss retires from RC Racing

Hello All

Last year, I learned a lot with Steven Weiss, an incredibly good person, who joined us last spring. I can only regret not having known him earlier. In a very moving letter, he recently announced me that he would retire from RC Racing, and that Team Magic will be surely his last team.

Hello Lionel,

I have not so good news for you and also me, I hope you can understand. Follow sentences I will explain my actually situation. 

My life changed a lot in the last two Years and now I am on a point, I cannot more spent time for RC Racing and I will stop it for now. Now it comes from nowhere, but I take some time to think about that and for me is the best to step back from RC. Begin of 2016, I was close to stop, but then comes the opportunity with Team Magic. (…) Now I have to say, it was one of my best time with you and the team in my RC life. We had a lot of fun, you did a perfect job as a Team Manager, great. On this point, it is more harder for me to write this letter to you. I am now over 16 years in RC and I am happy with what I reach in these years. I had never perfect support like most top 10 drivers have now, I always do all by myself and that makes me proud. (…) You have to know, in the short time with Team Magic, I always do my best for the Team and I wish I had reach better results, sorry about that. But I think we improved a lot, we are one of the smallest team and company, but we always racing in the top 30 in Europe and Patrick has a great year in Stock. (…)

Now it starts again another hard time for me without RC Racing and I will miss it a lot and I will miss more all the good friends. I hope you can understand my situation and I will thank you for your support and trust, very sorry about that! But I will not say I race never again. I still have an ear for you and you can always ask me what you want. If I find time, I will still go for some practice runs and will visit a race.

I feel really bad to tell you this; I hope you understand! I wish you and the team all the best! you are on a very good way and you make a great job! 

You need not to keep secret what I write in this email or my situation why I stop RC, that’s life and I am an open people.

With best regards,

Steven Weiss

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