Kyosho präsentiert den neuen 1/10 2WD Buggy – den RB7

Einige Zeit hat es gedauert bis Kyosho nun ihren neuen Elektro 1/10 2WD Buggy, den RB7 vorstellte. 

  • 4 mm kürzeres und 2,5 mm dickes Chassis aus 7075 harteloxiertem Aluminium, hilft bei schneller Kurvenfahrt und erhöhtem Grip mit mehr Flex.
  • Neue Karosserie und Heckspoiler
  • Neue Querlenker vorn
  • Einstellbarer Querlenker hinten
  • Aluminium-Hinterradaufhängung im Kit enthalten.
  • Inklusive kürzerer Federteller für Teppich- / High-Gripstrecken, die eine geringere Bodenfreiheit erfordern.
Ebenfalls enthalten:
  • Kugel-Differenzial
  • Big-Bore-Dämpfer mit X-Gear-Federn.

Englische Version

After a long testing period on the ultima chassis, the latest in genuine Kyosho quality comes in the form of our all new 1/10th 2wd buggy, the RB7!

New Features Including:

-4mm shorter and 2.5mm thick chassis made of 7075 hard anodized aluminum, helps with faster cornering and increased grip with more flex.

-Improved front knuckles/hubs for both better handling with updated ackerman locations, and increased material for durability.

-Newly designed and more aerodynamic body and wing for greater stability.

-Gull-wing style front suspension arms for more accurate damping, with optional front sway bar mounting positions.

-Lowered carbon composite front shock tower.

-Multi-configuration rear suspension arms(long and short bushing inserts.)

-Aluminum rear suspension holders included in kit.

-Wing stay has been updated for durability.

-New center mount.

-Includes shorter spring cups for carpet/high grip surfaces that require lower ride height.

-Plastic shock caps to cope with bumpy surfaces.

-Updated ring captured universal swing shafts.

Also included:

-Kyosho quality ball differential.

-Velvet coated big bore shocks with X-Gear springs.

-X-Gear lubricants.

Quelle:Kyosho Europe

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