Racing Performer LiHV Akku

Yokomo kündigt den neuen Li-HV-Akku unter der Marke Racing Performer (RP) an. Der LiPo-Akku ist speziell darauf für Elektro 1/10 Tourenwagen.

  • 140C
  • SLCG (Super Low Center Gravity).
  • 5500mAh
  • Größe: 138×46×20mm
  • Gewicht : 235g
  • Buchse : Φ5mm

Die erste Lieferung wird am kommenden Freitag gestartet.

Artikelnummer: RPB-55LCG

Englische Version

New product release information : Racing Performer, LiHV battery RPB-55LCG

Yokomo announces the release of a new Silicon-Graphene based Li HV battery in its Racing Performer (RP) brand.  The LiPo battery is specifically aimed at providing high speed, high power, and a LCG for 1/10 EP touring cars.
In order to compete at the top of the world, the pack uses 140C discharge Silicon-Graphite cells, with SLCG (Super Low Center Gravity).

Compared to the conventional LCG battery, it provides an even lower center of gravity and allows racers to install steel or brass weights under the battery for keeping the weight as low as possible, allowing the chassis to perform better, especially on high grip surfaces.

The first shipment will be started in next Friday.

Quelle: Team Yokomo und ToniSport-Logo-Black_web

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