GeoCarbon Bumper Platte Xray T4 ’20

RC Maker stellt ihre Version der stylischsten, langlebigsten und effektivsten Stoßstangenplatte und „Stopper“ für den neuen Xray T4 ’20 vor!

Diese verbessert die Stabilität und Haltbarkeit der Chassisplatte durch die Abstützung durch diese Variante am Diffhalter am T4 ’20.

Englische Version

GeoCarbon Bumper Plate w/Stopper for Xray T4 ’20

Introducing the most stylish, durable and effective Bumper Plate and stopper for the new Xray T4 ’20!

A big concern of the T4 ’20 was the exclusion of a bumper support in the kit. We have provided the ultimate solution, our bumper support is tucked away and makes contact square-on to the bulkhead.

The support recesses securely over the standard bumper posts in order to make perfect contact with the bulkheads. It sits flush with the to of the posts, so when tightening the top plate down, clamps together strongly. Resting, it sits 0.2mm away from the bulkhead, to prevent scratching and tweaking. It will be active in a crash when the bumper flexes, protecting your chassis and lower bumper!


  • Stylish GeoCarbon CNC Machined design
  • Integrated bumper support to protect your chassis
  • Adjustable Body Post position
  • Does not need to be removed to change front anti-roll bar
  • Direct replacement for standard upper bumper
  • Made 100% in Australia

Available now! More details and photos in the link below.

Artikelnummer: RCM-T420-CBP
UVP: €15.95 EUR

Quelle: RC Maker und lToniSport-Logo-Black_web

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