Front Bumper & Skid Plate für den Losi Baja Rey (Ford Raptor Bodies)

Ähnlich wie bei der originalen Losi Baja Rey Frontstoßstange (RPM # 73742) ist die neueste Version der Baja Rey Frontstoßstange für die Verwendung mit der Ford Raptor Karosserie von Losi ausgelegt. Dabei wurden alle wichtigen Designmerkmale der originalen Baja Rey Stoßstange / Unterfahrschutzplatte in diese neue Version integriert.

Englische Version

#73172    Front Bumper & Skid Plate for the Losi Baja Rey (Ford Raptor Bodies)

Similar to our original Losi Baja Rey Front Bumper (RPM #73742), our newest iteration of the Baja Rey Front Bumper is designed to work with the Ford Raptor body from Losi. We’ve incorporated all of the key design features from the original RPM Baja Rey Bumper / skid plate into this new version.

A key improvement moved the skid plate from between the chassis plate and differential to below the aluminum chassis plate. This move solved a couple of problems. First, the aluminum chassis plate now has some serious RPM skid protection where it had none before! Next, and more importantly, it allowed us the freedom to create a flex zone on the skid plate that would allow more impact absorption in impact situations, ultimately saving you from costly repairs.

We redesigned the bumper as well, creating an additional flex zone that allows the bumper to compress under extreme impacts, yet return back to its original shape once the impact energy has dissipated. This flex zone protects the more fragile front differential and chassis plate since the bumper now absorbs the impact instead of transferring that energy into the chassis. We also made the bumper thicker than stock, meaning it can take more impacts over the entire width of the bumper without failing.

The RPM bumper for the Losi Baja Rey is designed and produced in the USA and built from our nearly indestructible blend of engineering grade nylons. Protect your ride with the RPM muscle you deserve.

Tech Notes: Replaces stock #LOS231058 and works with Losi Ford Raptor Bodies #LOS230066, #LOS230067 & #LOS330005. For Losi Bodies #LOS230021 & #LOS230022, please see RPM #73742.

UVP: $17.95

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