Marc Rheinard holte mit dem Tamiya 415 seinen ersten IFMAR WM Titel

Viele Jahre ist es her, als Marc Rheinard im Jahr 2004 seinen ersten IFMAR-Weltmeisterschaftstitel holte. Damals konnte er diesen Titel mit einem Tamiya 415 in Kissimmee / Florida holen.

Aus heutiger Sicht war der Sieg der Einstieg in die professionelle Rennfahrerkarriere mit zahlreichen nationalen und internationalen Titeln, wie der IFMAR-WM, EFRA Europameisterschaft und dem mehrfachen Sieg beim Reedy Race of Champions.

Nun im Laufe der Jahre brachte seine eigene Marke MR33 mit verschiedenen Produkten auf den Markt. Diese vertreibt er bei seinem Bruder Toni bei Tonisport. Toll und dahinter steht eine starke Familie Rheinard.

Hier ein Blick auf sein damaliges Fahrzeug und seinem Post bei Facebook.

Englische Version

Here some pictures of my 2004 IFMAR Worlds winning Tamiya 415 car in Kissimmee/Florida.

what do you like the most of the old type cars and electronics?
Its so funny to see the „old“ cars from that time compare to now 😀

probably the best win of my career as that was the start of my professionell racing life!!

i want to thank all the guys who trusted in me already that time, without them, i would not have achieved this great title and be what i am now!

The main guy back in the day was for sure Oscar Jansen from Team Orion who really trusted in me and always told me, that i can win a worlds title! he pushed me, helped me and gave me the best support i could get, everybody knows how difficult it was to have good batteries, motors,.. to make 5min without dumping and still have good speed over the whole run!

Then the whole TAMIYA(タミヤ) team, i had probably the best car that time with the 415 belt car! Satoshi Maezumi and Kiyokazu Suzuki helped me already before the worlds, i could win the LRP Masters in 2004, finished 4th at the Reedy Race of Champions in USA 2004 and then at the end of the year, i could win the big one, the Ifmar worlds title 2004 in Florida, it was a surprise as no one had me on the least, not even i thought about it!

The ones behind all, is my family, i need to thank them the most to gave me all the support and opportunity to enjoy this hobby. i could drive everyday as my dad Uwe Rheinard had an own rc track with a hobbyshop, so after school i went ther mostly every day to race, just for fun!

In 2004 we decided to fly to the USA to try out the first Ifmar Worlds for me. Mom, Dad and myself flew to Florida, we made holiday, not only RC and tried out the Worlds. My family paid the whole trip, entry fee, even the tires for the 3 mains!
All i remember during finals day was, that my parents could watch the final live, they were to nervous and stayed in the hotel and waited for the call from Oscar how things are going!

right after the last final they showed up, probably the best feeling i ever had!

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