Portabler Lötkolben von Team Powers

In einer praktischen Tasche verpackt ist der tragbare Lötkolben verpackt.  Dieser benötigt eine Eingangsspannung von 7,4 – 18 V und kann mit einem Akku betrieben werden. Dabei sind Temperatur bis 420 Grad und sogar mehr möglich. Bis 420 Grad wird empfohlen.

New!! Portable Soldering Iron Station is coming soon!!
* Portable and support with battery input.
* ~150W power output.
* Standard operating temperature can be up to 420’c, but it can be adjusted to max 520’c which is not suggested to do it because it will shorten the lifetime directly.
* Two LEDs as the status indicator.
* Iron head can be replaceable.
* With part tray and foam space area at the top of the station.
* With 4mm,5mm and 2mm plug hole for easy soldering.
* The iron body can be roll up and down to a desired position.
* Easy for usage by just press the On/Off key to turn it on.
* Station Dimension: ~80(L) x 80(W) x 35(H) mm.
* Weight: ~252g (Include the Soldering Iron and Station only).
* Input Power Voltage: 7.4V~18V (2S~4S Lipo Battery).
* The Soldering Station casing is made of Aluminum material. The iron top body is made of carbon graphite and bottom cover is made of aluminum material.

Quelle: Team Powers