Nejc Mihelic ist Slovenian Champion 2020

Nejc Mihelic ist Slovenian Champion 2020. Am letzten Wochenende gewann Nejc mit seinem Xray RX8 auf der Strecke in Tolmin vor Aleš Dobnikar und Simon Štelcl.

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Race report by Nejc Mihelic

The Slovenian On-road Championship was held at the Tolmin track last weekend. At dry weather conditions it was Nejc Mihelič (Xray) who took the TQ with winning 3 out 3 qualification rounds followed by Goran Vignjević and Denis Fink. Due to the huge tyre wear the final was divided into two 15-minutes legs and a points system was used to determine the overall positions. It was Nejc Mihelič (Xray) crowned as Slovenian championship after winning of both legs followed by Aleš Dobnikar and Simon Štelcl.

Final results:

  1. Nejc Mihelič – XRAY RX8
  2. Aleš Dobnikar
  3. Simon Štelcl

Quelle: teamxray

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