Carson Carter im SWORKz US 1/8 Team

Die Strategie von SWORKz ist, junge Talente auf ganz besondere Weise zu unterstützen, war für Carson Carter entscheidend, dem SWORKz US 1/8 Team beizutreten.

Der 12-jährige Carson freut sich drauf und Tim Lime, US-Teammanager von SWORKz, freut sich ebenfalls.

Englische Version 

SWORKz strategy to support young talents in a very special way, made Carson Carter joining The SWORKz US 1/8 Team. This is what 12 year old Carson had to say:“When I heard that I was excepted onto Team Sworkz, I did not know how to act cause I was so excited. For the hole next week out of nowhere I would say to myself, I’m am on the Sworkz Team.” SWORKz US team manager Tim Lime is adding:“ Great to have young Carson in the SWORKz US Racing Team. I am very sure he will feel well in the team and make his way.“

Quelle: MW-Cars / Sworkz