Muchmore Racing präsentiert das CTX-P Power Master 4 Netzteil

Ein neues Netzteil kommt von Muchmore Racing mit dem CTX-P Power Master 4.

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– Specifications –
Dimensions 220 x 90 x 40mm Weight 1,100g
Maximum out current 60A Input power voltage AC 100~240V Auto Change System
Output voltage 12V Case Full Aluminum case
Power status Green LED Power switch On / Off type
Protection circuit Overload protection, short circuit protection circuit Cooling System IC Temperature Cooling Fan
Minimize noise Noise Filter Equipped

Englische Version
Muchmore Racing present their all new CTX-P Power Master 4 power supply. The 24A of the previous version 3 is replaced with this 60A (750W) system with 12v output.

Quelle: Ji-Hung Jang und Muchmoreracing , Tonisport