IFMAR News über die kommenden WMs

Die IFMAR hat sich heute zu Wort gemeldet. Nachdem im letzten Jahr Weltmeisterschaften abgesagt wurden, sieht es in diesem Jahr nicht besser aus. Offiziell wurde wegen der Covid19-Pandemie die Weltmeisterschaft 1/10 IC Track Touring Cars in Brisbane/ Australien und die WM 1/8 Offroad in Cianorte/ Brasilien, abgesagt.

Quelle: IFMAR

Die verbleibende Veranstaltung 1/10 Elektro Onroad in Gubbio, Italien, wird auf den Sommer verschoben. Beachtet, dass diese Verschiebung nur vorläufig ist. Eine endgültige Entscheidung ist für Mai geplant.

Weitere Informationen gibt die IFMAR rechtzeitig bekannt.

Hier die offizielle Meldung der Ifmar:

Dear RC community,

World Championship’s racing was very limited in 2020. The whole RC Motorsport community was and is looking forward to discover a calendar for IFMAR world events in 2021.

Unfortunately the Covit19 pandemic is still raging over very large parts of the world and a substantial part of the countries did not even begin mass vaccination and as long as there are such huge variances in personal health protection no one will be completely safe health wise if worldwide travel should resume in such circumstances.

The rest of 2021 is filled with unknowns, hope and guesses for everyone. There was much optimistic desire behind the scenes to reschedule and postpone dates and still offer World races to anyone who desired and could join new dates.

Today no one can accurately predict when it might actually be possible to perform those events in a safe and responsible manner. IFMAR would not feel good about putting people from around the world on an race track any time in the coming months. Furthermore organizing a worldwide event implicates a lot of preparation as well as longer terms to ensure all needed arrangements, not possible to be initiated in a fortnight.
These are trying times and as incredibly disappointing as it is to announce, The World Championship 1/10th IC track Touring Cars in Brisbane, Australia and the WC 1/8th Off-road in Cianorte, Brasil are officially cancelled.

The remaining event 1/10th Electric on-road in Gubbio , Italy is being re postponed till after the summer. Be well aware that this postponement is strictly provisional. A final decision is planned during May and will be announced as soon as possible to ensure everyone can undertake necessary actions. IFMAR is conscious that this short notice will cause inconveniences but there is no other choice.
IFMAR very much wishes to thank all the enthusiasts, the supporting trade companies, the organizers, their crew and the entire RC motorsports community for understanding and does look forward to a healthy and a bright future full of trilling races when we can all safely be together again.

Quelle: IFMAR