Härterer Radträger für 1/8er Modelle von Xray

Von Xray kommt ein Radträger aus härterem Material für den XB8, XB8E, GTX8 und GTX8E. Dadurch wird das Heck stabiler und der Kurvenspeed wird verbessert.

Englische Version

New XB8 Composite Rear Upright LB – Hard.

o Specially-formulated hard composite material
o Increases stability
o Increases cornering speed
o Ensures free suspension movement in dusty conditions
o Durable
o Reliable
o 1 pcs in set

Lightweight yet ultra-strong rear upright molded from special HARD composite material. Features larger outside 8x16x5mm ball-bearing for increased reliability and life-span. Makes the rear of car very stable. Improves bump absorbing and handling in hotter conditions.

Fits XB8, XB8E, GTX8, GTX8E

#353354-H XB8 Composite Rear Upright LB – Hard

Quelle:  teamxray