Neue „Flügel“ für die Formel Renner

Im Design der neue Formel 1 Fahrzeuge von 2022 bringt die italienische Firma Mon-Tech Racing in weiß und schwarz einen Front- und Heckspoiler auf den Markt. Diese passen auf die gängigsten Elektro 1/10 Formel Fahrzeuge.

Englische Version

Mon-tech Racing is pleased to present the new Formula wings aimed at reproducing the 2022 regulations.

After almost a year of work between drawings, prototype printings and track tests, we were finally able to move to a production stage. The front wing has two different types of additional flaps and, as such, it is able to offer three distinct race trim configurations: low, medium and high downforce. The rear wing has been developed to give maximum downforce with the lowest possible drag. The new wings can be installed on any Formula car model currently on the market.

Quelle: Mon-Tech Racing