Czech Nationals Round 1 – Das Rennen

Am letzten Wochenende waren die Czech Nationals Round 1 in Prag an der Reihe. Von dem Rennen berichten Lukas Hoch unf Adam Izsay.

Die Strecke

Report by Adam Izsay

Czech Nationals R1 were held in Prague February 25-26, 2022

Modified class:

Czech Nationals Rd.1 of 2022 took place last weekend in Prague with close to 100 entries competition was expected to very high. The organizers built a nice track layout, with a good flow and grip. In the 2 main classes were TC modified and stock. In modified it was Adam Izsay with Xray X4 taking the top seed after one round of practice Saturday morning and was able convert into TQ runs in the first 2 qualies locking the pole position for the finals in front of Matej Sulc and Petr Grof. In finals Adam was able to control and win all 3 finals and so the overall win, the top 3 remained the same like after the qualies.

In the TC stock it was an all day long fight between Maty Knopp and Simon Horak. After some super close qualies Maty was able to win the first 2 to take the overall TQ in front of Simon. All 3 finals were an intense battle between these two guys with Simon putting big pressure on Maty and was able to overtake him and take the Win with Maty finishing in a close 2nd place and Karel Kratochvil in 3rd all of them with XRAY X4.

Report by Lukas Hoch

Formula class:

Lukas was on a different pace since practice, having a comfortable gap of 1.2s on 3 laps to 2nd placed David and 3rd placed Tomas.

Qualifying was a one man show for P1 for Lukas, but behind him the game was on between a couples of drivers. In the end after qualifying Tomas took 2nd place and Ales P3.

Finals were a tone to tone win for Lukas but with some amazing battles in the back of him. Tomas was able to hold P2. Ales had some serious bad luck and this helped David. He was able to come in 3rd place.

Stock results: 

  1. Simon Horak – XRAY 
  2. Maty Knopp – XRAY
  3. Karel Kratochvil – XRAY

Modified results:

  1. Adam Izsay – XRAY
  2. Matej Sulc
  3. Petr Grof

Formula results:

  1. Lukas Hoch – XRAY
  2. David Douhlevski
  3. Tomas Sova – XRAY

1/ 12 Pan car results:

  1. Marcel Dostal – XRAY
  2. Ludek Szostek
  3. Marek Fric – XRAY

1/10 GT Pan car results:

  1. Marek Fric – XRAY
  2. Tomas Ulc
  3. Radek Prochazka

Quelle:  teamxray