Avid MBX8R Carbon Querlenkereinsätze

Für den Mugen MBX8R hat AVID die ersten Option Parts auf den Markt gebracht. Zur Versteifung der unteren Querlenkern gibt es Querlenkereinsätze aus Carbon in 1 mm Dicke für vorne und hinten. Diese als Komplettset bzw. auch für vorn / hinten als Paar.

Avid MBX8R Carbon Arm Inserts

Mugen MBX8R Carbon Arm Inserts Set includes the 1.0mm front and rear inserts to offer your buggy another great tuning feature by reducing the flex and twist in the arm. In the past, we offered several different thicknesses but have learned that 1.0mm is all you need so no more guessing. These are available as a complete set or individually.

Details / Tips

  • 100% Carbon Fiber.
  • Use as a tuning aid. Will greatly reduce arm flex and twist, making the car more responsive on that end. A common setting is to run them just in the front or just the rear to dial in the feel of your car.
  • Set includes: (4 total carbon inserts) – (2) 1.0mm Front Inserts and (2) 1.0mm Rear Inserts and an Avid Mini Decal.
  • Fits: MBX8R
SKU Description Price Available
AV1821-R-SET MBX8R Carbon Arm Inserts | F/R 1.0mm | Set $28.00 now
AV1821-R-L-10 MBX8R Carbon Arm Inserts | 1.0mm | Rear $15.00 now
AV1821-F-10 MBX8R/MBX8 Carbon Arm Inserts | 1.0mm | Front $15.00 now

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Quelle: AVIDRC