Xray X1’17 – Details online

Die Details des neuen Formel von Xray sind nun online.

2017 All-new

  • New adjustable anti-roll bar
  • New graphite arms
  • New arm mount plate
  • New chassis
  • New shorter big-bore shock absorber (from T4 platform)
  • New shock spring collar
  • New shorter spring (from T4 platform)
  • New central mount plate
  • New rear wing graphite mount
  • Current best performing 1/10 formula car: European Champion, ETS Champion, Snowbird Champion, IIC Champion, and dozens of National championship titles
  • Platform (including almost all parts) is compatible with previous X1 versions
  • 2017 version focused on fine improvement of small details, making the car an absolute winner straight out of the box


Current best performing 1/10 formula RC car XRAY X1 is now online at:https://teamxray.com/x1/2017

Quelle:  www.teamxray.com

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Quelle: teamxray

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