1/12 BRCA Nationals in Leeds

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XRAY X12’17 wins at the BRCA Nationals
The second round of the very competitive 1/12 BRCA Nationals was held at the permanent indoor circuit of MB Models, located in Leeds, in northern UK. Almost 100 entries gathered for a weekend of close racing. The XRAY UK team was in full effect with me, Olly Jefferies and Marcus Askell present.

xray_brca-nationals_-v-5_addxray_brca-nationals_-v-6_addIn the 13.5T class I managed to take the overall TQ. I had my car pretty dialed in throughout the early runs. The field eventually tightened up for the finals. In the final I unfortunately had a traction roll in the early stages, which sent me down the order. I would recover to 3rd overall, but the biggest improvement came from Olly who moved up from 8th to 2nd!
In the new 6.5T blinky modified class on sunday, I would put my X12’17 on the top spot again after a perfect Q3 run. Olly eventually qualified 2nd after a good Q4, just a couple of seconds back. I led the final from tone to tone to take a great win! Unfortunately for Olly, he was crashed out by drivers from behind already on the first lap, and had no chance to fight for the win as a result.

xray_brca-nationals_-v-4_addOnce again we have shown a great performance of the X12 car on this challenging UK track! On the sunday, I opted to use the new aluminium optional chassis and rear pod for my X12. I can really recommend these parts for high grip conditions, as it greatly improves the corner speed of the car, as well as reduces the risk of traction rolling!

xray_brca-nationals_-v-7_addThanks to MB Models and the BRCA for putting on a stellar event! I am hoping to see everyone at Tamworth for Round 3!

13.5T Results:
1. David Spashett
2. Olly Jefferies – XRAY X12’17
3. Alexander Hagberg – XRAY X12’17
4. Ollie Payne
5. Chris Kerswell
6. Andy Murray
7. Aidan Ripley
8. Mark Stiles
9. Mark Jewitt
10. Adam Catchpole

6.5T results:
1. Alexander Hagberg – XRAY X12’17
2. Ollie Payne
3. Andy Murray
4. Adam Catchpole
5. David Spashett
6. Mick Farrell
7. Mark Stiles
8. Chris Kerswell
9. Jonny Aird
10. Olly Jefferies – XRAY X12’17

xray_brca-nationals_-v-1_add xray_brca-nationals_-v-2_add

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