SIORC Round 1 2016/2017 – Grand-Saconnex Switzerland

Bericht aus der Schweiz: The ERMC club hosted the first of three rounds of the Swiss Indoor Offroad Cup (SIORC) in Geneva, Switzerland on November 26, 2016. The successful SIORC race recipe attracted 98 entries, for its first round of the season, with participants from all over Switzerland and neighboring France. I was very impatient to get going with this round, as I had freshly built my first XB4’16!


Reseeding practice went OK with a 4th fastest three consecutive laps with my XB2’17, and absolutely killing it with my XB4’16, over one full second faster than the second fastest competitor on three consecutive laps.

Qualification with my XB2’17 went OK. Missed out on the TQ spot by 4 tenths of a second. I could have improved my time in the 3rd qualification, but made a couple of errors which cost me too much time. Whole different story with the XB4’16. The XB4’16 was a lot easier to drive and didn’t feel fast, however the lap times contradicted the ‘didn’t feel fast’ feeling.. To the spectator the car was just ‘ripping it’. I TQ’d all three rounds of qualifying with the XB4’16.
Bad luck and tiredness was the name of the game in the finals for 2WD. This is where being daddy for the third time and lack of sleep kicked in. Add a little bad racing luck and I finished at a poor 6th place. I honestly didn’t do the car justice, as my XB2 was definitely the fastest 2WD out there, with a hot lap which was 2 tenths faster than any other 2WD in the field.


Final 1 in 4WD… how can I say… wasn’t that ‘interesting’. My XB4 was just crazy fast and consistent, even despite the three silly flips I did, needing marshall intervention. F2 was more interesting however, with the lack of sleep making it more challenging to even stay awake (stayed tuned for the video of Final 2). To conclude for 4WD with the XB4’16 – two wins, only car able to break into the 13 seconds. I am absolutely in love with my XB4’16 which came out of its box literally a week ago and raced for the first time at this event. Curious to get my hands on the XB4’17, which will probably be even better!

Team XRAY Performance at the SIORC Round 1 – Statistics:
Fastest lap:
2WD = XB2’17 (14.668 – Cham Dassanayake)
XB4’16 = (13.863 – Cham Dassanayake)

4WD A Main top 10 :
1. Cham Dassanyake – XRAY XB4
2. Cyrille Gruaz
3. Remy Bertrand
4. Jean-Marc Betticher
5. Vincent Guigli – XRAY XB4
6. Carlos Garcia – XRAY XB4
7. David Poisson – XRAY XB4
8. Thomas Anger
9. Marco Stettler
10. Didier Baltensperger
Representation of XRAY cars in A mains:
2WD = 25% (Carlos Garcia 8th, and Cham Dassanayake 6th)
4WD = 50% (David Poisson 7th, Carlos Garcia 6th, Vincent Guigli 5th and Cham Dassanayake 1st)


Setup sheets:
XB4’16 -

Videos :
To follow on my YouTube Channel :
P.S. thanks to David Poisson. Without his helps for two parts I needed, I wouldn’t have been able to compete in 4WD!

Quelle: teamxray

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