2.Rennen zur ART- Championship in Münsingen

In unserem Nachbarland der Schweiz fand das 2.Rennen zur ART- Championship in Münsingen statt. Hier ein kurzer Bericht von Michael Schäfer in Englisch:

Two weeks ago, the second race of the ART- Championship in took place in Münsingen in Switzerland. The track in Münsingen is very small and difficult to drive. With my X12 2017 I found a very good and fast setup which could put up very well with all the small bumps of the track. In the qualifications I had a little bit of bad luck but succeeded to reach the A- Final. At the beginning of the final I had to pass very fast to catch the leading position. My battery ran out quickly, so Maurice Lüscher could win this race. I finished at the second place. I am very happy with the result and I enjoyed the duel with Maurice and Stefan.


Ranking List:

  1. Lüscher Maurice
  2. Schäfer Michael – XRAY X12
  3. Wüthrich Stefanv-1
  1. Heim Marc – XRAY
  2. Eschler Stefan
  3. Fankhauser Patrick – XRAY X10v-3

Quelle: teamxray

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