RDRP – Aluminium-Anlenkung B6

Revolution Design Racing Products erweitert sein Programm an Zubehörteilen für die Team Associated B6-Serie um jeweils zwei Aluminiumteile in blau und schwarz eloxiert mit silberner Kante für die Anlenkung.

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B6 Aluminium Steering Rack

Coming from Revolution Design Racing Products is the Aluminium Steering Rack for the Team Associated B6 and B6D. It was designed to replace the standard part with a more sturdy and durable item. The rack is machined from 7075-T6 aluminium and it comes black or blue anodised for wear and looks. On top of this does a machined silver edge detail let the part stand out while matching its visual appearance with the remainder of RDRP’s Team Associated series option parts. The steering rack is a direct replacement and used solely or in combination with RDRP’s Aluminium Steering Bellcranks, it makes for improved steering response when running in high-bite track conditions.

RDRP0288-BLK B6 Aluminium Steering Rack (black)
RDRP0288-BLU B6 Aluminium Steering Rack (blue)


B6 Aluminium Steering Bellcrank Set

Revolution Design Racing Products‘ Aluminium Steering Bellcrank Set for Team Associated’s 6th generation 2WD buggies is a direct replacement for the standard parts. Machined 7075-T6 aluminium makes for a more rigid construction, greatly enhancing the steering feeling especially on today’s high-bite carpet and astroturf tracks. The bellcranks come black or blue anodised and with silver edge details, matching the remainder of RDRP’s Team Associated option parts.

RDRP0287-BLK B6 Aluminium Steering Bellcrank Set (black)
RDRP0287-BLU B6 Aluminium Steering Bellcrank Set (blue)


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