B6 | B6D Fin Titanium Dämpfer Befestigungsadapter mit Hülsen – Kurz

Von JConcepts gibt es neue Dämpferhalterungen aus Titan für die Team Associated B6 Serie für die vordere Dämpferbrücke. Im Set liegen die Schrauben, Delrin-Hülsen und die Halter bei.

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Strength, performance and luster runs deep with the titanium stand-offs from JConcepts. The Fin Titanium items replace the standard parts and feature a light-weight design and with built-in threads are more easily adjustable than their counterparts. The 7mm hex based design allows adjustment with the most popular wrench in the R/C arsenal but also tapers down featuring the Fin treatment found on the JConcepts turnbuckles.

Included with the stand-offs, the white in color Delrin pivot bushings are top-notch. The bushings are precision machined to slide on and off the titanium and allow the shocks floating freedom and just the correct amount of fore and aft movement. The bushings are asymmetrical; one-side features a taller shoulder which should be positioned toward the shock tower position on the vehicle. This taller shoulder helps maintain the shock in the correct position without falling back on to the stand-off itself.

The Fin stand-offs are lightweight and the original design brings out the glamour and quality that makes titanium one of the most sought after exotic materials in the world. The 2-piece set includes two 3x8mm BHCS to secure the stand-offs to the shock tower. The standard 3mm locknut is used to finalize the assembly and secure the shock into position.

The “short” stand-off is a direct bolt-on part to the Team Associated B6 | B6D | B64 vehicles and should be used on the front shock tower.

• Direct fit for the front tower on the B6 | B6D | B64
• Original JConcepts design and “Fin” styling
• High-grade, machined titanium material
• 7mm Hex base material for ease of adjustment
• Built-in threads for weight reduction
• 3x8mm BHCS hardware included
• Machined Delrin pivot bushings
• Aesthetic jewelry

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UVP: 20,99 €

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