Hupo Hönigl siegreich bei den Austrian Nationals R3

Die 3. Runde der österreichischen Mesterschaften in den Klassen 2 und 4WD Elektro 1/10 Buggy fanden auf der technisch anspruchsvollen Strecke des MAC Traiskirchen statt.

An diesem Wochenende konnte Hupo Hönigl beide Klasse für sich entscheiden, der nach dem Gewinn des Mibosport-Cups nun weiteren Erfolgen in der Meisterschaft entgegen fährt. Die Ergebnisse in der englischen Version.

Englische Version

Race report by Hupo Honigl

The 3rd Round of the Austrian Nationals in 1/10th Buggy was held on the super technical track of the MAC Traiskirchen.

The first 2 rounds were on super slippery surfaces, now we had to fight with super high traction on the very rough and abrasive surface, which was prepared with a lot of sugar. In 2WD I started with my XB2´17 Carpet with dirt setup and it felt very good. I could win the first round of Qualifying which was already on saturday. In the Night there was heavy rain and we had some delay on Sunday morning.

For the first round on sunday I converted the car to a 3-gear standup gearbox from theXB2´17 dirt edition and it was the correct decision – traction was low and the car was again really good. For the next 2 remaining rounds I chose again the 3-gear laydown from the carpet edition, but traction was not as high as it was on saturday and I was struggling a bit.

The young and coming star Lucas Grainer won the 3rd round of Qualifying in front of me. For the last round I left the laydown gearbox, but moved the shocked from the front to the rear of the arms, which made the car really good again for the different conditions, but tire tactics started to play a role and Peter Pinisch won the 4th round on new tires – I choose to save the second allowed set of tires for the finals, because my TQ position was already fixed.

For the finals I left the car same as Q4, but with new tires it felt very good and I could win A1 and A2. A3 was won by Lucas Grainer who finished second overall – Peter Pinisch finished 3rd.

  1. Hupo Hönigl XRAY
  2. Lucas Grainer AE
  3. Peter Pinisch AE
  4. Martin Kreil  AE
  5. Rene Trauner Yokomo
  6. Roland Hauleitner AE
  7. Thomas Rössler AE
  8. Matthias Presolly TLR
  9. Stefan Pfeifhofer AE
  10. Philipp Stocker AE

In 4WD it was a really close battle from the beginning between Peter Pinisch and myself – Peter won the first 2 Qualifiers and I could win the remaining 2 – Peter had the faster time from Q1 and earned the TQ spot. In the finals it was a really nice and close battle between Peter and myself, which allowed Thomas Diesslbacher to stay very close. After too much battling between Peter and myself, Thomas found himself in the lead, which he never gave away in A1. A2 saw again a very close battle, but this time I could win in front of Thomas. The overall victory was wide open between 4 drivers, but in the end I could finally make a clean run and win A3 and overall. Thomas finished 2nd overall, and Peter 3rd.

  1. Hupo Hönigl XRAY
  2. Thomas Diesslbacher  XRAY
  3. Peter Pinisch AE
  4. Martin Kreil TeamC
  5. Roland Hauleitner AE
  6. Stefan Pfeifhofer AE
  7. Matthias Presolly TLR
  8. Philipp Stocker AE
  9. Thomas Rössler AE
  10. Rene Trauner XRAY

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