Team Yokomo – YZ-2 Abstützung

YOKOMO hat eine neue Aluminium-Bulkhead Abstützung  für YZ-2 entwickelt.

Diese neuen Teile passen an alle Yokomo YZ-2  und sorgen für mehr Steifigkeit und so mehr  Lenkung.

Englische Version

Aluminum bulk head mount (L/R) for YZ-2

YOKOMO will release new parts Aluminum Bulk head mount for YZ-2.

This new optional parts will fit for all the YZ-2 line ups, and will provide more rigid and sharpen steering.

The aluminum made parts are very light weight for keeping the same weight balance on chassis, very controllable even at big gap road surface. This is one of the essential parts to keep your vehicle posture in the air and increase the driving performance especially at low grip surface condition at the track.

Product name :  Aluminum bulk head mount (L/R) for YZ-2

Product code :   Z2-018BMA

Customer List Price :  4,200JPY

MRP in Retail :  42Euro (without Tax)

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Quelle: Team Yokomo

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