Nicohlas Lee siegt in Singapur

Der Yokomo-Fahrer Nicohlas Lee hat bei dem von Infinity und Tamiya organisierten Rennen mit mehreren der weltbesten Tourenwagen-Fahrer gewonnen. Für ihn war es ein perfekten Sieg in dem starken Teilnehmerfeld, bei dem eigentlich nur Bruno Coelho, Marc Rheinard und Atushi Hara fehlten. An diesem Ergebnis zeigt sich wieder einmal, wie dünn die Luft an der Weltspitze ist. Das nächste Kräftemessen gibt es bereits am Wochenende beim ETS in Wien / Österreich  🇦🇹  auf europäischem Boden.

Zuvor das Ergebnis aus Singapur:

Englische Version

Nicholas Lee achieved perfect won at TIPS  (Tamiya-Infinity-PRCA-Singapore) with BD8-2018

This past weekend, TIPS ( Tamiya – Infinity – PRCA – Singapore) race took place at our big „nitro“ track. The main organiser (Tamiya Singapore) put together this race with 4 different classes; Touring Modified, Touring Boosted, Truck and lastly, the Tamiya mini. With Infinity part of the main sponsor for the event, They sent their full team, except Marc which competed at the EOS the same weekend. We had also some drivers from Japan, Korea, Malaysia and Sweden that were present in this race.

Although Nicholas Lee live in Singapore, this is not his home track as it is basically too big for touring car. And normally there are not have electric races in this track, unless due to a big event.

It was fortunate to get away with a very good weather during the race.

It rained immediately after controlled practice(Saturday).

This race was the first race with BD8-2018 for Nicholas Lee.

The first qualifying proved to be a close one with Akio. Fortunately, Nicholas got him in the last lap by less than a tenth. To be exact, it was by 0.076.

It was crucial to have a setup with good consistency, and not to over drive the car. So, Nicholas took the first round of qualifying.

In Q2. Nicholas set also the fastest lap of the event with 16.4s.

The sun was setting in Q3.  Nicholas would come out on top by 0.7s ahead of Akio Sofue and Naoto Matukura. This puts him in a really good position for overall TQ with one more qualifier to be ran the following day.

Come Sunday, Nicholas chose to run used tires for the final qualifier as he was confident that the track was slower than the day before and even if he did not TQ this round, Nicholas would still take the overall TQ. Also Nicholas save the tires for the final is because, the drivers basically get 6 sets of tires in total, but we have 7 rounds altogether.

Moving on to the finals, Nicolas had huge pressure from Naoto Matsukura for the whole final.  Nicholas could defend the whole of the first final without making mistake.

The second final was a rough one for Nicholas.  Naoto Matsukura tried to pass Nicholas on the straight however, it could not make and both crashed and ended the race in the first lap.

The last final was intense, but Nicholas could pull a sizeable gap and finish ahead of Akio by 1.5s. Winning the first and the third round gave Nicholas the overall win.

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