XRS Germany R2 – Der Bericht

Auf dem Eifel-Ring, der permanenten Indoorstrecke des Mac Adenau, direkt neben dem berühmten Nürburgring, fand Round 2 der XRS-Germany am 18. und 19. November 2017 statt. Dies war bereits die dritte XRS-Lauf auf der 111-Meter Strecke. Durch das Event führte Uwe Baldes als Rennleiter, der hier in einem ausführlichen Bericht (in Englisch) vom Event berichtet. Es war eine tolle Veranstaltung mit ausgezeichneter Gastronomie. Als Bonus gab es einen tollen Workshop von Tom Krägefski, der Tipps zu der Xray T4 Serie gab. Mehr in der englischen Version.

Englische Version

XRS Germany R2 – race report

The challenging Eifel-Ring, permanent indoor track of MAC Adenau, located next to the famous Nuerburgring, played host of round two of the XRAY Racing Series (XRS) Germany on 18th and 19th of November. It was already the third XRS appearance at the 111-metre indoor track during 2017. Many competitors made their entry for the XRS #2 weekend. After some drivers already took the opportunity to practice on Friday, Saturday was full of action with nearly all drivers present and enjoying eleven hours of practice to adjust their set-ups during thousands of laps, only interrupted by the prestigious XRAY Work.Shop organized by team driver Tom Kraegefski with lots of tips especially around the T4 platform. During the evening the fun factor continued when lots of participants joined for a common dinner and a late drink at the bar. Following another practice slot on early Sunday morning and the driver´s briefing, three qualification heats were run before the lunch break with three final rounds to follow in the afternoon. Once again, the hosting Modell-Auto-Club (MAC) Adenau, led by race director and time keeper Uwe Baldes, did a great job with a flawless organization and excellent catering.

Touring Car Stock Class 13.5T

Touring car stock class with hand-out XRS 13.5T motors and mandatory HUDY C1 tires was the most popular class of the event. The fight for TQ has been tight and exciting. Finally, Majuran Tharmalingam took first spot with just a 0.4-second advantage over Melvin Diekmann (Mugen) in his best qualification heat over five minutes. René Puepke in his first attempt was another 0.2 seconds down to catch third spot in the grid., Tom Kraegefski brought his T4’2018 to fourth. Everything was settled for three thrilling A-mains.

Completing 28 laps, Tharmalingam was one lap in front winning the first A-main ahead of Kraegefski. Puepke captured third position in front of Diekmann and Baldes. In the second A-main things went bad for some drivers in a first-lap collision, especially Tharmalingam dropping back from first to eighth. The victory went to Puepke, who left Kraegefski one lap behind. 17-year old Marc Stuebben (XRAY) was the lucky guy of the first-lap incident and captured third spot which he brought home with a faultless run. The decision was left open for the third and final race. Tharmalingam took advantage from his TQ and kept Puepke behind for the whole race even he was following at his tail. With two wins Tharmalingam celebrated a brilliant overall victory on his home soil with Puepke, Kraegefski and Diekmann on second to fourth.  

Coming in fourth and fifth, Marc Stuebben was honored as the best young driver and XRAY fellow Joerg Baldes as the best 40+ racer. Andreas Weyhoven (Mugen) won the B-main, the C-main Daniel Otterbach (XRAY).

Result Touring Car Stock Class 13.5T
  1. Majuran Tharmalingam, Serpent
  2. René Puepke, Awesomatix
  3. Tom Kraegefski, XRAY
  4. Melvin Diekmann, Mugen
  5. Marc Stuebben, XRAY
  6. Joerg Baldes, XRAY
  7. Tobias Hoefflin, XRAY
  8. Sven Soltau, XRAY

1/12 Stock 13.5T

Two years after the German Championship 1/12 with about 70 competitors was held at the challenging Eifel-Ring with its original ETS carpet, the 1/12 class started into a new era as it was the first time with 13.5T motors which are now mandatory in stock. The lap times have dropped by about half a second but obviously made 1/12 racing more exiting and tight. Bernd Wiesenberger was the man of the race, showing a perfect performance from qualifying to finals. He became the unbeaten overall winner and was the best 40+ driver as well. Michael Holla came quite close sometimes, not close enough to catch his fellow but enough to take second in qualifying and on the podium in front of XRAY racer Benjamin Kuester. Fabian Bahl managed to win the B-main with his XRAY X12´2018.

  • Result 1/12 Stock 13.5T
  1. Bernd Wiesenberger, CRC
  2. Michael Holla, CRC
  3. Benjamin Kuesters, XRAY
  4. Alexander Seitter, XRAY
  5. Alain Levy, XRAY

Formel 21.5T

The Formel class only attracted four participants. TQ went to XRAY racer Davide Carbone. The Italian has a job at the Nuerburgring and joined the hosting MAC Adenau. But in the three main races it was Jan Bohlen who made his way to three victories to catch the overall win in front of XRAY fellows Davide Carbone (best 40+) and Daniel Schober.

Result Formel 21.5T
  1. Jan Bohlen, XRAY
  2. Davide Carbone, XRAY
  3. Daniel Schober, XRAY
  4. Eric Champion-Rieger, Shepherd

1/12 GT 17.5T

The XRAY Racing Series is a kind of a promotion tour for the 1/12 pan cars with good looking GT bodies and reduced power from 17.5T motors. It seems to be the start of an attractive entry in the world of 1/12 pan cars, controllable also for newbies. At the second show of the 1/12 GT cars Tobias Schuster pushed his XRAY X12 to pole position and two wins in the finals. He was given a hard time by XRAY fellow Daniel Schober who finished second twice and took victory in the third final. Third spot on the podium went to Bertram Kessler (best 40+), head of long-term XRAY importer SMI Motorsport, using an X12 chassis with a nice Audi R8 body.

Result 1/12 GT 17.5T
  1. Tobias Schuster, XRAY
  2. Daniel Schober, XRAY
  3. Bertram Kessler, XRAY

Touring Car FWD / “Fronti” 13.5T

Since about two years, the front-wheel driven cars are enjoying an impressive comeback not only in the Western region of Germany. With bodies from the World Rally Championship (WRC) like Ford Fiesta, VW Polo, Citroen and many more, the FWD racing takes everybody´s shine because of their original look. Harald Schmittgen pushed his car to TQ with Ruediger Hepp coming in a surprising second with his self-modified XRAY T4, the only car with the motor mounted in the rear but with lots of extra weight on the front bumper to gain traction. In the finals, Harald Schmittgen (the best 40+) was in a class of his own and took all three victories. While Ruediger Hepp struggled a bit in first and third final, he defended his second starting position only in the second main to end up on third step of the podium. Raymond Libar from Luxembourg caught two second spots and was happy to make it to second spot on the podium as well.

Result Touring Car FWD / “ Fronti” 13.5T
  1. Harald Schmittgen, VBC
  2. Raymond Libar, VBC
  3. Ruediger Hepp, XRAY
  4. Bianca Schmittgen, VBC
  5. Davide Carbone, Tamiya

The XRAY Racing Series (XRS) Germany will return to the Eifel-Ring on 10th/11th of March for the sixth and final round.

Report: Uwe Baldes

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