XRS – 1.Lauf in Österreich

Das erste XRS Race in Österreich fand auf der kleinen permanenten Rennstrecke der Carpet Brothers in Leopoldsdorf im Osten von Wien statt. Actionline übernahm vor Ort den XRAY-Support und es gab einen  Workshop, wecher bei den Rennen der Xray Racing Series in den meisten Ländern dazugehörigt.

Die kleine und sehr technische Strecke war eine Herausforderung für alle und die Tatsache, dass die Strecke permanent ist, machte es noch schwieriger, denn es gab eine Menge schneller Einheimischer. Vom Rennen berichtet nun Hupo Hönigl.

Englische Version

Race report by Hupo Hönigl

The first XRS Race in Austria was held on the little permanent racetrack of the Carpet Brothers, located in Leopoldsdorf in the east of Vienna – with XRAY support and workshop by Actionline.

The small and very technical track was a challenge for everybody and the fact that the track is permanent made it even harder, because there were quiet a lot of fast locals.

My cars worked really good from the beginning and I only had to adapt minor things on the cars to dial them in. The finals, as expected were really eventful and hectic with 10 cars on the small track – so I made a small mistake in the first 2wd A main and fell back to 3rd – Peter and Lucas were battling for the lead for a couple of laps and I followed them for a while until they came together and then there was complete chaos in the next 2 corners with 6 cars involved and i found myself somewhere on the roof,

Lucas took the win in A1 from 5th on the grid with Peter finishing 2nd from 2nd on the grid.

A2 and A3 were almost identical with not so much chaos anymore and I could build a good lead and win the race in front of Lucas Grainer with his win from A1 and Peter Lonscar.

The 4wd mains were even more eventful, also as expected, than the 2wd mains – also a couple of drivers broke their cars during the races and a lot of shock oil was spilled on the track and the traction went from really high to super low, which was no fun anymore in the finals – I pretty much only tried to hold my car on the track without crashing which was very difficult with a hard charging Adam Izsay behind me – I won A1 and Adam won A2, so it came to a showdown in A3, where Adam was very fast but luckily for me he made some mistakes and handed me the win.

overall results:


  1. Hupo Hönigl – XRAY XB4
  2. Adam Izsay – XRAY XB4
  3. Roland Hauleitner
  4. Christian Landl – XRAY XB4
  5. Kurt Rubik – XRAY XB4
  6. Zsolt Bajusz jun. – XRAY XB4
  7. Thomas Pumpler – Yokomo
  8. Matthias Presolly – AE
  9. Peter Lonscar – Yokomo
  10. Christoph Holzer – XRAY XB4


  1. Hupo Hönigl – XRAY XB2
  2. Lucas Grainer – Yokomo
  3. Peter Lonscar – Yokomo
  4. Roland Hauleitner – AE
  5. Thomas Pumpler – Yokomo
  6. Kurt Rubik – XRAY XB2
  7. Adam Izsay – XRAY XB2
  8. Christian Landl – AE
  9. Werner Spannbruckner – Yokomo
  10. Daniel Rosenmayer  – Xray XB2

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