Niederländische National Championship in der Racing Arena Limburg

Letztes Wochenende fand in der Racing Arena Limburg ein Indoorlauf zum Niederländischen National Championship statt. Von Team Magic /HRC nahmen Rob Janssen und die Arts-Brüder nahmen an diesem Rennen teil und konnten sich für das A-Finale qualifizieren. Für Rob war es ein guter Start mit Platz 3 auf dem Podium hinter Nicolas Delisé und John Ermen.

Englische Version

Last week-end was a indoor Dutch National Championship race at Limburg.

Rob Janssen and the Arts-brothers participated this race, and finished all in A-finale, with a third place on the podium for Rob.

Nice Job !

Original report from Rob Janssen:

On Friday night we went there and could spend the night in a house on a holiday resort the brothers Arts had booked for us all. On Saturday morning we went to the track of Racing Arena Limburg and started testing. I mounted the new aluminium chassis under the E4RS4 car. After 2 batteries I was doing the laptimes I ended a few weeks before with the III+ car. So that was a good start. After that I could improve the car a little in laptimes but most improved in drivability for a consistent 7 minute run we had to do on Sunday.

Sunday morning we started with qualifications. Soon I found out the competition was high as John Ermen (ENS A finalist) and Nicolas Delise were doing similar times as I did. In the first run I was in the lead the first few minutes but by hitting a slower car it costed me to much time to keep up the first place. I ended up on 3rd spot. Same for run 2, also a 3rd place. This time with a little bigger gap to the 2 guys in front of me. It felt like driving a little on my own as the 2 guys in front were just a little to quick for me, but from the back I had no real competition from someone to fight for 3rd sport with me. So after all I did finish the day in 3rd spot. 

This was the first time indoor with the new car. It felt pretty good and had a good drivability ! But the 2 guys in front were just a little to quick for me, so some improvements in driving and setting-up the car for next time needs to be done for sure 😉

Original report from Richard Arts:

Past weekend we had the first NK indoor race in Racing Arena Limburg. Starting the training on Saturday with the setup we tested a couple of weeks earlier. Things started quite OK for me. However Ronald was still struggling with traction rolling from mid till end of the turn. For myself I was quite happy with my setup, so Ronald tried it as well.  It was a bit better for him also but still to much “on the edge”. 

Switching to the race tires to rub them in, these felt completely different, so we were a bit confused what to do.

On Sunday the qualifying went OK, but not great. Some small mistakes like traction rolling after driving a dot or curb, cost some time, but not really positions. During the quali’s the traction had gone up quite a bit, so we were struggling to keep the car on 4 wheels.

The first couple of minutes were really tricky, but then the car seemed to settle down, and we could keep a steady pace but still needed to be careful. 

Unfortunately, we couldn’t really battle for position during the finals. In the end Ronald ended up in 6th place and I was 8th.

Overall results:

A – 1. Nicolas Delisé
A – 2. John Ermen
A – 3. Rob Janssen – TM E4RS4
A – 4. Florian Joos
A – 5. David Kottus
A – 6. Ronald Arts – TM E4RS4
A – 7. Giovanni Moguez
A – 8. Richard Arts – TM E4RS4
A – 9. Frank Baggen
A – 10. Tokke Adams
B – 11. Ruud Knoester
B – 12. Roy Visser
B – 13. Daniel Jansma
B – 14. Raymond Libar
B – 15. Ruud Remmers
B – 16. Donny Van Der Kogel
B – 17. Theo Kroon
B – 18. Tom Schepers
B – 19. Jos Remmerde

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