Arrowmax Dash-R-Tune Brushless-Motoren

Arrowmax hat leistungsstarke Brushless-Motoren in schickem Design in der 540 Größe ab 4.5T ,5.5T, 6.5T, 7.5T, 8.5T , 9.5T, 10.5T, 13.5T, 17.5T und  21.5T im Programm. Schaut selbst und mehr in der englischen Version.

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Englische Version

Dash R-Tune 540 Sensored Brushless Motor 4.5T

After hours of testing and continue improving, Dash are proud to bring you the R-Tune Series 540-size sensored Competition Brushless motor. New design that revolves around a high-airflow can with huge cool openings around the front section while machined openings in the stator area further increase the airflow in this area. This leads to a much cooler motor towards the end of a run and thus reduced fading and more stable performance. An updated stator further adds to the overall performance with increased torque and reduced heat build-up.

With each motor turn/winding design for specific type of racing. The Goal is to provide the best drivability and Feel for users to perform on the race track. Standard setup of the motor provide with the maximum Heat Residence Stator design to have More Torque. Optional Rotor Available to fine tune the Feel of motor.

The motor is rounded out by a new rotor and available from now on in a 4.5T ,5.5T, 6.5T, 7.5T, 8.5T , 9.5T, 10.5T, 13.5T, 17.5T and 21.5T .

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Quelle: Arrowmax (Facebook)

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