RCSF Nicolaus Cup in Gottmadingen

Am letzten Wochenende fand der RCSF Nicolaus Cup in Gottmadingen statt. 

Tim Wahl berichtet von diesem Event nahe des Bodensee’s. Wie ihr auf dem Bild sehen könnt, war die Strecke sehr rund abgesteckt und in den Kurven waren Deckeln ausgelegt. Mehr und Ergebnisse in der englischen Version.

Englische Version

Race report by Tim Wahl

The RCSF Nicolaus Cup took place in Gottmadingen near Bodensee, Germany.

This event was for the South German driver the second qualification race for the German championship

The track was pretty nice with a good flow and some nice fast chicanes. The carpet was the same as at the ETS indoor season

The event started Saturday morning with practice, afterwards started the qualification.

The strongest  3 drivers at modified class  were the very fast Freddy Südhof and my team college from Team XRAY Germany Markus Wegmann and me.

After the 5 Qualifiactions, I was able to save the TQ Spot infront of Freddy Südhoff.

At the Stock, the fastest driver were Max Mächler behind him Daniel Wohlgemuth, and the two XRAY drivers Daniel Sartorius and Maximilian Stähle.

In Modified finals my Orca powered T4 was working just awesome since the first lap.

After Freddy had to leave earlier becauce of some health issues, it was only about Markus and me.

In all finals Markus was able to put some light pressure on me at the first laps,

but after 2-3 laps I was able to break away and finish the runs with about 4-5 second lead.

So I took two wins in the finals and had some great runs with my team college Markus our both  T4 was working awesome very well.

At the stock the finals were like in the qualifications Daniel Wohlgemuth, Maximilian Stähle and Daniel Sartorius. Max Mächler did not start at the finals.

Overall Result Modified

  1. Tim Wahl – XRAY T4
  2. Markus Wegmann –  XRAY T4
  3. Carl Friedrich Groessel


Overall Result Stock

  1. Daniel Wohlgemuth – XRAY T4
  2. Maximilian Stähle – XRAY T4
  3. Daniel Sartorius – XRAY T4

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