JConcepts – 1/8 Truck Triple Dees

Von JConcepts kommt ein neuer 1/8 Truggy Reifen mit der Bezeichnung Triple Dees. Der Reifen wurde optimiert für ein geringeres Gewicht. Erhältlich in drei Mischungen (blau, grün und R2).

Englische Version

The Triple Dees tire has been designed to trim overall weight in every possible way. The carcass thickness, pin spacing and diameter have all be optimized for the ultimate performance 1/8th trugy tire. Available in grippy compounds such as blue, green and long-wear R2 the new tires are packaged in reusable packaging for freshness and convenience. The Triple Dees include Dirt-Tech inserts, popularized by its durable nature and color, give customers the package they have been waiting for from JConcepts.

· Next generation, Triple Dees design
· Angular sharp pins, low-profile edge
· Center over-lap, increases forward traction
· Light-weight carcass and pin arrangement
· Carefully shaped profiled carcass for rolling speed
· Includes Dirt-Tech closed cell inserts

Triple Dees – blue compound
Part# 3140-01

Triple Dees – green compound
Part# 3140-02

Triple Dees – R2 compound
Part# 3140-R2

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Quelle: JConcepts

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