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Die schnellste Party der Karnevalshochburg Rheinland fand in der Arena33 mit dem fünften und vorletzten Lauf der Xray Racing Series (XRS) statt. Zum zweiten Mal war die XRS auf der bereits bekannten Indoor-Strecke in Andernach zu Gast. Der Einladung folgten viele Fahrer und nach intensiven Trainingstagen nahmen 51 Fahrer am Wettbewerb teil. Die XRS Round 5 wurde erneut vom deutschen Xray – Importeur SMI Motorsport unterstützt, der zusammen mit Tonisport einen „Bismarck“ an alle ausgab. Dies ist eine Karnevalstradition nicht nur im Rheinland, während Uwe Baldes, als Rennleiter und Zeitnehmer die Fäden in der Hand hielt. Gute Laune mit Party und Karnevalsmusik.

Mehr Infos zu den einzelnen Klassen und die Ergebnisse findet ihr im ausführlichen Bericht von Uwe Baldes. Viel Spaß. Translator an 🙂

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Race report by Uwe Baldes

The fastest party of the carnival stronghold Rhineland was held at the Arena33 with the fifth and penultimate round of the Xray Racing Series (XRS) Germany. A lot of drivers made their entry for the second appearance of the XRS at the already famous indoor track at Andernach and following an intensive days of practice 51 drivers joined the competition. The XRS #5 was again supported by German Xray importer SMI Motorsport which together with Tonisport spent a Bismarck to everybody, a carnival tradition not only in the Rhineland while Uwe Baldes, once again race director and time keeper, accompanied the good mood with party and carnival music.

Formula 21.5T

Jacques Libar from Luxembourg dominated the Formula class with TQ and the overall victory with three wins in the mains. Although second position was a clear affair in this all-Xray class for Jan Bohlen. While Daniel Schober finished third in the first main race, Davide Carbone from Italy relegated Schober to fourth in the finals two and three to catch the final spot on the podium. But even with fourth place Schober secured his leading position the ranking.

Ø  Result Formula 21.5T

  1. Jacques Libar – XRAY X1

2 Jan Bohlen – XRAY X1

  1. Davide Carbone – XRAY X1
  2. Daniel Schober – XRAY X1
  3. Henri Mannes – XRAY X1


1/12 GT 17.5T

For the first time the new 1/12 GT class with 17.5T motors enjoyed five competitors including ten-year old Jody Mueller, daughter Anke Mueller of SMI Motorsport. Tobias Schuster was ahead of all and took his third win. Joerg Mayers fought hard to stay in front of Raymond Libar to catch the second spot while championship leader Bertram Kessler came on fourth.

Ø  Result 1/12 GT 17.5T

  1. Tobias Schuster – XRAY
  2. Jörg Mayers – XRAY
  3. Raymond Libar – XRAY
  4. Bertram Kessler – XRAY
  5. Jody Mueller – XRAY


Touring Car Stock Class 13.5T

The touring car stock class with hand-out XRAY 13.5T motors once again was the most popular class of this XRS race weekend. Mugen racer Andreas Weyhoven took TQ with the advantage of a about a second over the couple Melvin Diekmann and Jacques Libar. But in A-finals Diekmann was able to pass Weyhoven for victory to take his second XRS win in the Arena33. Finally, Weyhoven came first in the third A-main ahead of Libar to secure second overall in front of Libar. Fourth place went to XRAY racer Tobias Hoefflin who used the latest Hudy C1 tires ully satisfied with good performance and no issues. Hoefflin will join the XRS finale on 4th of March at the Eifel-Ring of MAC Adenau near Nuerburgring as the leader in the stock class with a total of 42 drivers taking points so far. The B-finale was a clear affair for XRAY racer Joerg Mayers. But most impressive was the performance of Thilo Baldes. At an age of six he did his very first race ever, already with 13.5T power, and was able to leave other drivers behind in every heat and to finish third in his best B-main run.

Ø  Result Touring Car Stock Class 13.5T

  1. Melvin Diekmann – Awesomatix
  2. Andreas Weyhoven – Mugen
  3. Jacques Libar – Awesomatix
  4. Tobias Hoefflin – XRAY T4
  5. Sven Soltau – XRAY T4
  6. Frank Hoeschler – XRAY T4
  7. Joerg Baldes – XRAY T4
  8. Marc Stuebben – XRAY T4
  9. Patrick Rebmann, Tamiya
  10. Georg von Jeetze – XRAY T4


1/12 Stock 13.5T

Third participation and third victory – with his CRC, Bernd Wiesenberger was one lap ahead the rest of the pack in qualifying and every final race of the 13.5T powered 1/12 Stock class. Alexander Seitter pushed his Xray to second in qualifying and managed to capture second spot on the podium as well with Michael Holla (CRC) on third. Alain Levy (Xray) had a bad day and missed the finals but is still in the lead before the closing XRS round.

Ø  Result 1/12 Stock 13.5T

  1. Bernd Wiesenberger – CRC
  2. Alexander Seitter – XRAY X12
  3. Michael Holla – CRC
  4. David Ranft – Project Godspeed
  5. David Streb – XRAY X12


Touring Car Modified

Max Maechler took first position. The battle for second between XRAY racer Patrick Mueller and Oliver Kaufmann was worth to watch. With lap times nearly the same, it was Mueller you earned second spot at the end ahead of Kaufmann.

Ø  Result Touring Car Modified

  1. Max Maechler – Awesomatix
  2. Patrick Mueller – XRAY T4
  3. Oliver Kaufmann – Mugen

Touring Car FWD / “Fronti” 13.5T

The so-called “Fronti´s” with their original-looking WRC bodies had excellent bumper-to-bumper and door-to-door fights in all the six heats in qualifying and finals. Andreas Weyhoven, quite new in the group of this rising touring car class with 13.5T motors and front-wheel-drive (FWD), captured TQ ahead of local hero Tobias Baumbach (Yokomo) and Harald Schmittgen (VBC). That was the ranking on first and second spot also after the first main with Maximilian Rheinard (VBC) on third place. But in the second finale things went wrong for Weyhoven who finished only fifth. Instead, Baumbach drove to victory followed by Schmittgen and Andreas Jacob (VBC). A tough fight for the overall victory was expected for the third heat. This time Weyhoven took advantage from his pole position and lead the field from the tone with Baumbach closely at his tail until the very last lap when his lost second position to Rheinard.

Ø  Result Touring Car FWD / “ Fronti” 13.5T

  1. Andreas Weyhoven – VBC
  2. Tobias Baumbach – Yokomo
  3. Maximilian Rheinard – VBC
  4. Harald Schmittgen – VBC
  5. Andreas Jacob – VBC
  6. Laurent Libar – Awesomatix
  7. Thomas Heuer – HR
  8. Bianca Schmittgen – VBC
  9. Ruediger Hepp –  XRAY
  10. Andre Klink, Awesomatix

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