JConcepts – P2K – B6.1 Karosserie

Eine neue Karosserie für den Team Associated RC10B6.1 und B6.1D gibt es von JConcepts.

Die wurde zum Vorgänger überarbeitet, um den Strecken mit viel Griff und der Fahrzeugbalance gerecht zu werden.

Fenstermasken, Dekorbogen und Heckspoiler liegen bei.

Englische Version

Starting in the development phase, Jason Ruona and Paul Wynn analyzed footage and technical video associated with the S2, F2 and P2 lineage and went to work. To address the latest high-grip conditions, the team put concentration on the rear section of the body allow some freedom of rotation. The entire center section of the cab on the P2K has a channel based design to flow directly over the middle of the vehicle to stabilize the at-speed handling.

The front of the cab, important to performance, includes the P2 position with heavily recessed front windshield. The JConcepts edge treatment remains on the side-capsule area for air-flow direction by the cab and pointing the force to the rear wing area. The chamfering stands out as a JConcepts design feature on every new shell, the P2K has those elements and in great positions for decals and paint allocation.

P2K – B6.1 body w/ Aero wing
Part# 0389
Retail price – $34.00

P2K – B6.1 body w/ Aero wing, light-weight
Part# 0389L
Retail price – $34.00

Quelle: JConcepts und  stefan_klein_kleinkram_logo

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