RWD Drift-Federn für YD-2 Series

Yokomo hat die Auswahl von Federn für die YD-2 Fahrzeuge erweitert. Der neue Federtyp ermöglicht eine weitere Feinabstimmung eures Fahrzeuges. Die vorderen Federn sind mit einer großen Steigung aufgewickelt. Die hinteren Federn gibt es in zwei Ausführungen.

Durch die Verwendung unterschiedlicher Materialien und Windungszahlen könnt ih mit diesen neuen Feder, eure Fahrzeuge noch besser azf die Untergründe und Layouts einstellen.

Englische Version

This new spring will be ready to ship in the end of March. The followings are the feature of our new product.

■ YOKOMO have developed a new type of spring allowing for further fine tuning of your chassis to suit surface type and track layout!

■ The front springs are wound with a high pitch, the short high response spring is suitable for the high traction YD-2 series. Increasing the front tracking and feeling throughout cornering.

■ The rear springs come in 2 types, one tuned for more forward traction and one for more side grip.  By using different materials and numbers of turns, these new additions to our spring range will allow you to tune to various types of circuits and road surfaces.

■ Due to the special characteristics of the material used to make them, the springs have not been coated or any treatment added to keep the springs at their original performance. Over time this may cause some discolouration on the spring edges and surface. To prevent this please lightly oil them with some bearing or machine oil.

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