Infinity Pro-Gear Diff Set – Teile

Infinity hat ein Sortiment an Ersatzteilen für das kürzlich vorgestellte IF14 Pro-Gear-Diff-Set erweitert. Das neue optionale Diff für den 1:10 Elektro-Tourenwagen kann nun repariert / gewartet werden, wenn doch mal ein Teil defekt ist.



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Infinity Pro-Gear Diff Set spare parts
Infinity has added a full range of spare parts for its recently released IF14 Pro-Gear diff set. The new optional diff for its 1:10 electric touring car, which features ball bearing supported shafts for smoother rotation and higher rear traction, can now be perfectly maintained with the full selection of spare parts. The diff case, bevel gear set, output shafts, outdriven shafts, outdrive cups, O-rings, shims, diff washers and pins are all available separately for individual replacement when required.

Quelle: CREATION MODEL LTD und  ToniSport-Logo-Black_web

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