Xray X12 Ballstud Kingpins | Titanium

Die X12 Ballstud Kingpins, die Idee von Jason Cheng, sind aus Titan gefertigt. 

Siehe Bilder.

Englische Version

The X12 Ballstud Kingpins, the brainchild of Jason Cheng, are made out of titanium and allow for new style front end setup on your Xray 12th scale. This conversion comes with (2) 0.5mm / (2) 1.0mm roll center shims and (2) e-clips but you will need to tap your steering block to handle the M4 thread and purchase (2) Xray 4.2mm ball cups (372662).

Install Tips and Instructions


  • Machined from billet 6Al-4V Titanium.
  • Broached with a 2mm Allen head.
  • Includes: (2) Titanium Ballstud Kingpins, (2) 0.5mm and (2) 1.0mm camber shims, and (2) e-clips.
  • Fits: All Xray X12’s.
Part Number Description Price Available
AV1646 Xray X12 Ballstud Kingpins | Titanium $16.00  now
AV1646-SH Xray X12 Ballstud Kingpin | Shims $8.00  now

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Quelle: AVIDRC

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