PYTHON XP 6S von Team Corally

PYTHON XP 6S – Team Corally hat den Schritt getan, einen 1/8 Basher auf den Markt zu bringen. 

Englische Version

PYTHON XP 6S – SORRY, we don’t want you to fall in love…

We have kept the excitement very high, no one has dared to dream that Team Corally would enter the market of the high end 1/8 ready to run cars with such a brutal beauty as the Python XP 6S.

The Python XP 6S is loaded with top features
• Ready to Run
• Designed for 4-6S power
• +110km/h achievable topspeed
• +3600 Watt insane powerhouse
• TC TOROX 185 controller by HW
• TC KURON 825 – 2050KV – 4 Pole – sensorless motor
• Digital Steering Servo – 20Kg/torque – metal gears
• Ergonomic S2R radio with interference free 2.4GHz technology
• Super strong and durable HiCC8 composite parts
• Heavy-Duty CNC machined precision gears
• CNC Machined chassis 3mm and shock towers 4-5mm
• 2-piece aluminum motor mount
• 16mm Big Bore threaded aluminium shocks
• Precision Pivot-Ball front suspension
• All steel drive shafts
• Front CVD joints
• Polycarbonate printed bodyshell
• Designed in Belgium

Quelle: Corally – Facebook und Team Corally

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