Schumacher Indoor Masters Rd 6 Report

Am letzten Wochenende fand das 6 Rennen des Schumacher Indoor Masters Rd 6 statt. Die Strecke musste dieses Mal vor dem Rennen am Sonntag morgen aufgebaut werden. Ein großes Dankeschön an das Team dafür. Die Ergebnisse findet ihr weiter unten.

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This past weekend was the sixth round of the very popular Worksop Series, there was once again a great entry of drivers in the main classes of 2wd and 4wd buggies, then some 2wd stadium trucks and vintage buggies also.

As always it was round by round qualifying as the racing format, with the best 2 results from 4 rounds of qualifying counting towards the final position.
The control tyre in the buggy classes is the Schumacher Yellow Honeycomb, this works superbly well at Worksop.

The track had to be mainly built before racing Sunday morning this time, a huge thank you to the team who was in early to build it all for us.

Qualifying in 2wd saw a dominating performance by Neil Cragg, taking TQ in all 4 rounds to take pole position from Greg Williams and Edward Callan.
In 4wd it was a similar story with Neil Cragg taking TQ again in all 4 rounds, ahead of Tommy Hall and Tom Cockerill, who lined up second and third respectively.
The 2wd stadium truck class saw Joe Cockill take pole ahead of Abe Lyons and Andrew Bulmer.
The Vintage classes had Steve Pierce leading the way in 4wd and Paul Kemp in 2wd.

The A Final 2wd result was:

1 Neil Cragg AE
2 Tommy Hall AE
3 Greg Williams Yokomo
4 Ben Smith Schumacher
5 Jonathan Skidmore Schumacher
6 Matthew Thompson Yokomo
7 Edward Callan Xray
8 Nathan Waters Schumacher
9 Josh Holdsworth Schumacher
10 James Helliwell Xray
11 Jamie Hall AE

The A Final 4wd result was:

1 Neil Cragg AE
2 Tommy Hall AE
3 Tom Cockerill Schumacher
4 Matthew Thompson Yokomo
5 Jonathan Skidmore Schumacher
6 James Helliwell Xray
7 Edward Callan Xray
8 Josh Holdsworth Schumacher
9 Danny McGee Schumacher
10 Greg Williams Yokomo
11 Jamie Hall AE

The 2wd Stadium Truck A Final result was:

1 Joe Cockill
2 Abe Lyons
3 Andrew Bulmer
4 Alex Callan

The Vintage A Final result was:

1 Steven Pierce 4wd
2 Mitchell Fiddling 4wd
3 Thomas Gill 2wd
4 Paul Kemp 2wd
5 Jack Slassor 4wd
6 Sam Hunt 2wd
7 Thomas Cowles 4wd
8 Jim Drennon 4wd
9 Mark Hazelden 2wd

A brilliant event with some superb close racing.

Full results from the event and overall series can be found here: (Best viewed in IE)

As always a really big thank you to the Worksop team for all of their hard work and efforts.

The final round of this series is on Sunday 15th March, very limited spaces still available in all classes.

Quelle: CS-Shop und Schumacher Racing

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