XRS Germany R4 Report vom Finale in Sittard

Das letzte Rennen des XRS Deutschland fand am vergangenen Wochenende in der Racing Arena Limburg statt. Nikolas Schmitz berichtet davon. Er selbst nahm an der „RENT a Car“ -Kampagne von SMI teil, die den Xray T4F (Fronti) für das Rennen stellten.

Am Samstagmorgen begann es, Empfänger und Transponder im Auto einzubauen und dann alles richtig einzustellen. Er hatte Markus Lehr an meiner Seite, der mir das ganze Wochenende als „Mentor“ über die Schulter sah!

Das Auto fuhr von Anfang an sehr gutmütig und konnte auch die vielen Fehler am Anfang problemlos bewältigen. Nachdem ich ein paar Batterien gefahren hatte, bekam ich ein Gefühl für das Auto und wurde schneller und konstanter. Trotzdem wollte ich mehr aus dem Auto herausholen und so fing das Schrauben an … Nach jeder kleinen Änderung wurden die Zeiten verglichen, weil man nicht jede Änderung direkt im Fahrverhalten des Autos spürt! Die Zeiten wurden besser, die Fehler weniger und so begannen ein paar Duelle im Training, schrieb Nikolas.

Hier nun sein kompletter Bericht in Englisch:

Race Report by Nikolas Schmitz

The last race of the XRS Germany took place in the Racing Arena Limburg last weekend.

I participated in the RENT A Car campaign from SMI, which made the Xray T4F (Fronti) available for the race!

On Saturday morning it started to install receivers and transponders in the car and then set everything correctly. I had Markus Lehr at my side, who looked over my shoulder as a „mentor“ all weekend!

The car drove very good-naturedly from the start and also easily coped with the many mistakes at the beginning. After driving a few batteries, I got a feel for the car and became faster and more constant. Nevertheless, I wanted to get more out of the car and so the screwing started … After every little change, the times were compared, because you don’t feel every change directly in the driving behavior of the car! The times got better, the mistakes less and so a couple of duels started in training!

In order to divide the qualy groups, a training run was carried out on Sunday morning. I was already very happy with the car, but I couldn’t stop screwing, so I started again … The qualies went even better because the setup changes made me faster and the car was even easier to drive!

I started from 5th place in the A final and then of course I didn’t make a mistake! What you can catch up on off-road is just almost impossible on-road! Nevertheless, I was able to assert myself very well and fight for places in exciting duels.

In the end, I was able to benefit from the mistakes of the others and finished 3rd!

FWD Results

  1. Marwin Riedelbauch –  Awesomatix
  2. Marco Kruse – Awesomatix
  3. Nikolas Schmitz – XRAY T4F

Other classes results from the race were as followed.

Stock Results

  1. Marwin Riedelbauch – Awesomatix
  2. Jorg Baldes – XRAY T4
  3. Uwe Baldes – XRAY T4

1/12 GT Results

  1. Daniel Sowa – XRAY X12
  2. Haroun Schobner – PG Pace 12
  3. Guido Kraft – XRAY X12

1/12 Results

  1. Dave Ceusters
  2. Tim Altmann
  3. Kai Altmann

The RentACar campaign was a lot of fun and I am very happy with the result! Many thanks to SMI for loaning the car and thanks to Markus Lehr for all the help! Still, I sometimes wished for a little more power in the car … But that’s what SMI is there for, just to try another class! Many thanks to the Racing Arena Limburg. You did a great job. Many thanks to Robert Meulenberg and Dave Collin. Also a big compliment to Jeanette Meulenberg who provided us with delicious food and drinks over the weekend.  This was the last round of the XRS Racing Series Germany 2019 / 2020, so there was also the award ceremony for the overall winners. In the Fronti class we had a total of 50 participants in the season.

FWD Series Results

  1. Markus Lehr – XRAY T4F
  2. Eric Hummel – XRAY T4F
  3. Achim Tramm – XRAY T4F

In the 1/10 TW class we had a total of 40 participants in the season.

Stock Series Results

  1. Marc Stubben – XRAY T4
  2. Alain Levy – XRAY T4
  3. Jorg Baldes – XRAY T4

In the 1/12 EB class we had a total of 26 participants in the season.

1/12 Series Results

  1. Alexander Seiter – XRAY X12
  2. Philipp Lischke – XRAY X12
  3. Dirk Brauer

In the 1/12 GT class, we had a total of 25 participants in the season.

1/12 GT Series Results

  1. Haroun Schobner – Godspeed
  2. Jody Muller – XRAY X12
  3. Roland Streb – Godspeed

We thank all participants of the XRS series 2019/2020 and look forward to seeing you again next season.

Quelle: Xray Team Germany und teamxray