Contrast-Racing präsentierte das Ergebnis von 4 Jahren Arbeit an Design und Entwicklung: Den CONTRAST FENIX. 

FENIX ist eine Revolution, so Contrast-Racing. Viel Alu kommt zum Einsatz und Kohlefaser. Die Dämpfer befinden sich innen, einstellbare Aufhängung, Torsionsstabilisatoren, ein sehr niedriger Schwerpunkt und viele Befestigungsmöglichkeiten um zusätzliche Gewichte zu montieren zeichnen das Fahrzeug aus.

Englische Version

We are very proud to present you the result of 4 years of works on design and development: The CONTRAST FENIX.
FENIX marks a moment of change at Contrast. We abandon the NEO/NEOX style that we have been developing since 2003 and that has given us so many successes, including a World Championship in 2011. FENIX is a revolution, a sample of the fresh and daring character in design that highlighted us since our beginnings. Just like the mythological bird, our FENIX is reborn from its remains and looks better than ever as it waits for the first competitions, the first fights and the first victories.
It is a new technical path, especially in suspensions and stabilizer bars, which opens new fields of research, set-up and continuous improvement. FENIX is a new dawn:
Push rod suspensions, torsional stabilizer bars, a very low center of gravity and a dozen ballast positions including side weights, a big new in the RC competition; These are the four basic points of a good large scale car. These are the four points that the CONTRAST FENIX revolutionizes with its groundbreaking design.

Quelle: Contrast-Racing