Im Blick – Der Blackout Bronco

Dies ist der Blackout Bronco von John, der seinen TRX-4 etwas aufgepimt hat.

Was er verwendet hat, könnt ihr bei Traxxas lesen.

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Englische Version

All the Traxxas TRX-4 models are hugely popular, and the 1979 Ford Bronco is frequently at the top of trail-truckers’ wish lists as an incredibly capable performer with loads of scale style—and a deep pool of upgrade options, because no trail truck stays stock for long. Especially when the truck in question belongs to a Traxxas employee. For this Team Traxxas Spotlight, we’re taking a close look at John’s blacked-out, matte-gunmetal Bronco. This impressive rig rolls out on a lift kit and 2.2” tires, with a full set of LEDs lighting the way. It’s over the top and understated at the same time, which we didn’t even think was possible until we saw it. Here’s how John made the Bronco his way.

Quelle: Traxxas und Hoega