Kaito Kodera wechselt zum Schumacher Racing Team

Der JMRCA japanische Champion aus dem Jahr 2018 Kaito Kodera wechselt zum Schumacher Racing Team. Da dürften wir gespannt sein, wie sich Kaito mit dem Fahrzeug schlagen wird.

Englische Version

Schumacher Racing would like to welcome young Japanese star Kaito Kodera to the team.

The 2018 JMRCA Japanese National champion has been running Schumacher cars for a while but we are now happy to make this official.

Kaito had the following to say; I would like to thank my sponsors and my home track Team GB, I’m super excited to join, I will do my best to work with team Schumacher.“

Welcome to the team Kaito!

Quelle: Schumacher Racing und  CS-SHOP