Christopher Krapp bleibt bei Team Yokomo

Weitere zwei Jahre bleibt der deutsche RC-Car Fahrer Christopher Krapp im Team Yokomo. 

Nach einer bisher 4-jährige gemeinsamen Reise, freut sich Chrissi auf das nächste Kapitel.

Chrissi wird  u. a. auch helfen, dass europäische Tourenwagenteam zu organisieren und zu leiten.

Alles Gute für ihn und das Team.

Hier sein Statement auf Facebook:

First, I hope everyone had a silent but beautiful christmas and enjoyed the days off.
It‘s always nice to refuel the batteries for the next (hopefully better) year.

I am happy to announce that I agreed another contract with Team Yokomo for the next two years. It has been a great 4 years journey together since now and I am looking forward to the next chapter.

Surely there has been a lot of things going on with our brand and I got a lot of questions about it. But I can assure that everything is alright and the restructure will make us stronger then ever.
Additionally I will also help to organise and manage the European Touring Car Team as well.

Rounding out the package I will continue with all my existent sponsors. I can’t thank them enough for their loyal support!

Let’s all stay negative and think positive heading into the new year!

Happy new year to all and I hope to see everyone at the racetracks soon.


Quelle: Christopher Krapp