Front Chassis Brace, AL Titan Gray – B74 (Set)

Mit dieser Chassisversteifung von PSm könnt ihr zusätzliches Gewicht ins Fahrzeug bringen und das Fahrverhalten eures B74-Fahrzeugs bei Verwendung derAluminium Chassis: DTC Chassis / HTC Chassis zu verbessern.

Englische Version

Featuring one 9,0g balancing weight and a aluminium body, this chassis brace was developed to improve the performance of your B74 vehicle.
Especially in high traction conditions, the included balance weight can help to dial in the balance of your B74 and the aluminium design reduces lateral torsion in the center of the chassis. In addition to that, the longitudinal stiffness of the vehicle will be improved as well.

Artikelnummer: PS02307

UVP: 24,95 

Quelle: PSM