Mugen MTC2 – voll einstellbarer LiPo-Halter

Von DeadFly gibt es für den Mugen MTC2 einen voll einstellbaren Halter für Lipo-Akkus.


– Designed for the new generation of narrow LiPo battery packs
– Incorporated 2mm of forth and back adjustment in the lower spacer to ensure a perfect fit
– Maintaining the factories left to right moment within in the L-shaped hooks for the perfect weight balance.
– 15mm post fits perfectly into the recess within L-shaped hooks, with a low profile M3 nut in the other ensuring the whole system can be tightened and not move.
– Carbon Fibre DeadFly twist clamp, featuring an integrated o-ring eliminating the need to loosen/tighten the clamps every time.
Also Available for stranded size LiPo’s

Quelle: DeadFly