SWORKZ Shock Conversion Kit (Elliott Boots Edition)

Längere Dämpfergehäuse und Dämpferbrücken, das beinhaltet die Elliott Boots Edition für die Offroader der S35-4 Serie, welches über Monate getestet wurde. Damit soll sich das Fahrzeug einfacher und konstanter fahren lassen, was die Tests auf verschiedenen Strecken zeigten.

Die Carbon Teile werden hergestellt vom SWorkz Partner RC Carbon Cavalieri.

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SWORKZ Shock Conversion Kit (Elliott Boots Edition)

Street Price € 89.90

With this specially tested conversion kit, the driving behavior of your SWORKz can be adapted to different track conditions. SWORKz factory pilot Elliott Boots played a key role in this development.
The carbon shock absorber brackets were manufactured by our partner RC Carbon Cavalieri in the well known and tested “Made in Germany” quality
Elliott Boots opinion on the conversion kit:
“The longer shocks and higher towers makes the car feel more consistent and gives the car an easier to drive feeling on the track. After many months testing in different track conditions the final product is something I am very proud of and I know that many of you will greatly enjoy the performance these parts offer”
Simply swap the shock absorber cases, install the higher brackets and you will be amazed!

Quelle: MW RC Cars