Neue CORE RC Differenzialöle

Von CORE RC gibt es zwei neue Differenzialöl in der bekannten 60 ml Flasche. Die beiden Öle mit 8000 und 9000 cst schließen die Lücke zwischen dem 7000 und 10000 cst Öl von CORE RC.

Englische Version

We are pleased to advise two new CORE RC Diff Oils have been added to the range.

The new 8000 and 9000 cSt bottles fill the gaps between our 7000 and 10,000 which have become popular for 1/10th Touring Cars recently.

CORE RC oils are available in a massive range of 34 viscosities from the lightest 100 cSt shock oil to the heaviest 300,000 cSt diff oil.

Extremely temperature resistant in both warm and cold conditions.

Fully sealed bottles for best transport without leakage, and super easy to use lid for easy precise pouring.

Large capacity 60ml bottle.

CR503 – CORE RC Silicone Oil – 8000cSt – 60ml
CR504 – CORE RC Silicone Oil – 9000cSt – 60ml

Quelle: Schumacher Racing und  CS-SHOP