Gyro SG von Power HD

Für Drifter und Leute die nach einem Gyro suchen, sollten sich den SG Gyro von Power HD anschauen.

Dieser ist HV kompatibel. Weitere Informationen und Daten in der englischen Sprache.

Englische Version

Power HD has introduced their new SG gyro specially developed for drift car racing. The high-voltage compatible gyro makes use of a high-quality gyro chip and PID control system, featured with end point adjustment.

It could reduces redundant jitter signals, the sensitivity increased by 10% than same grade product, with strong performance and being the most cost-effective.
Gyro SG Parameter:
Size: 26.0 x 24.5 x 8.0mm
Weight: 12.0g
Operating Voltage: 4.8-7.4v
Operating Current: 20mA /6V
Support the servo pulse width: 1520us(50Hz&333Hz)
Control System: PID control system
Sensor: American Invensense
Angular Velocity: maximum ±4000/s

Quelle: Power HD